I’ve written about various tools i’ve built to monitor my Tesla and my SolarCity power generation over the last year and about the automation i’ve done around these areas with automatic tweets, email reports etc. The interest and response from the community has been great.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.04.26 AMA number of people have also asked me to share the code so they can do similar things for their own purposes or build upon what i’ve done and i’ve finally gotten around to doing that.

Before I share where you can find the code, just a warning that I won’t be able to help people get things set up and going in all their various environments, especially those of you on Windows. If I find some common areas of confusion i’ll try to clear things up but this is freely available code as a sample and you’ll have to know the programming language (Python), how to install packages, use git, etc. if you want to use this work.

Ok with that said, the code can be found over on GitHub:


Solar TweetIn that repository you will see how I do things like auto-tweet my daily mileage/efficiency, how I tweet my Solar power generation each day, check that my car is plugged in at night etc. There are the main tools for doing that (tesla.py and solarcity.py) and then a number of helper functions to assist with tweeting, emailing, getting the weather etc. which could be used for other things too.

I hope by sharing this code it helps the growing Tesla and SolarCity community and continues to drive the adoption of these amazing technologies that also help our planet.